Who is George?

George is a very stubborn monkey. He absolutely hates it when kids go hungry, so much so that he decided to be the poster boy for the Style Dux Launch Collection. George believes that everyone has to have the basic necessities, he believes that all kids need proper nutrition in order to grow, focus and well, be kids!

Hence George is now the first to feature on all our Style Dux Clothing. For every tee sold with George’s beautiful face on, he’ll put the profits towards feeding 3 kids and for every hoodie/sweatshirt sold he’ll give a whopping six kids food.

Why is George so generous?

Well, George didn’t always have the glamorous and exciting life that we all know him for. In fact, George missed out on the basic nutrition as a wee baby. George knows the feeling you have when you go to sleep hungry or can’t concentrate when your tummy’s growling.

George wants to make sure that no one has to go through that feeling. He wants to make sure that kids can learn, grow, have fun and be awesome. That is why George is an integral part of the Style Dux culture.


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