What is Contours of New Zealand?


It all started with a conversation.

US: Style Dux’ers, whats happening?

YOU: Not much, just chilling, yeah.

US: Enjoying the weather?

YOU: Yeah it’s cool, I guess. It’s warm, very warm.

US: cool, cool, awesome sounds good.

YOU: What’s with the funky New Zealand map on your Hoodie? And also, why are you wearing a hoodie on such a hot day?!

US: Aaaaah, now we’re getting along. Well, let me explain. The design, not why I’m wearing a hoodie on a hot day.

New Zealand for us is home. Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing when we’re here we feel at home, at ease, relaxed and of course feel like we’re baking in this heat. But that’s beside the point. We have the ability to go hike, mountain bike, swim, explore, go on adventures and really immerse ourselves in the beauty that surrounds us very easily, all we have to do is step outside.

Why this design?

Amongst other things, we came to notice that New Zealanders have the highest rate of car ownership and we’re big on dairy farming (I’ve picked two, but there’s plenty more). These things alone are polluting our beautiful country. However, with that being said, those things define New Zealand.

Dairy farming? Yeah we’re really good at that, it creates jobs, strengthens the economy and provides the cheese to us and a different type of cheese to the farmers. Cars, we all love cars (except in Auckland of course). Cars allow us to go on magnificent road trips, it’s a tool to really explore the country or Auckland city for half your life.

Given my very brief points above, I personally wouldn’t say they’re “bad” yes, bad for the environment for sure, without a doubt. But what if we approached it a little differently? Instead of eradicating the issue (dairy farming and cars), why don’t we try and manage it. We don’t want to take away the things that are important for the country and the people.

What we do?

What we’re doing at Style Dux is planting a tree for every t-shirt sold or two trees for every hoodies/sweatshirt sold. We’re not hoping to change the world by planting trees and honestly planting trees is only one part of the equation. What we’re hoping to do is spread awareness about the fact that climate change and pollution is a very real issue, that even though these things are important to us, getting together as a community and planting trees can help in some way (we certainly hope that it doesn’t make it worse).

We definitely think it’s with a try.

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