With the help of all you beautiful, kind and loving people Style Dux has finished the first month on a massive high. We raised enough through sales to feed 9 kids!! Yes 9 kids!! We know it doesn’t sound like a lot, and in reality, it’s not a lot. However, being our first month in business, we were not expecting to sell anything, we ended up selling one t-shirt and one hoodie.

We sold two items, but its these two items that have given hope to the kids that will benefit. Two, for us may be a small number, but for these kids, it means they don’t have to go hungry, they know that kind, loving people are out there and that may be all the hope they need.

So, from the team at Style Dux we want to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of you. Not only to the two people that bought from us, but to everyone that liked, shared, commented, messaged us, spread the word about us and believed in us. We thank you. It is you that made all of this possible.

Our first month has been a huge success, but we’re hoping for a bigger, more impactful February. We want to feed more kids, we want to plant more trees and we want you to be involved. It would really help us, if you could share our Facebook, website, instagram or just our name, every little bit counts.

For the team at Style Dux, it’s been a month of excitement, a month of new experience and a very rewarding time. We can’t wait to do it all over again in February!

All the best,

The team at Style Dux.

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