What’s Our Why

The big “why” we started Style Dux was to involve everyone and we mean everyone be part of the change. You see, we often would hear about an issue and then immediately proceed to outline hundreds of reasons why we couldn’t help. We often found ourselves saying “Someone else will come along, there’s nothing we can do about these issues”, however, we failed to realise one thing. Alone we may be helpless towards bigger issues but once we get a whole community together those issues don’t seem as big anymore. In fact, they seem so small that it’s impossible not to solve them.

And that’s where we thought “hey, we all want to make change, we want to be part of the change, why don’t we create something for the change makers and impact drivers out there. The people who aren’t satisfied with what we see, the people who want to dive in head first and get their hands dirty.

And that’s when Style Dux was born. We’re not a clothing brand for everyone. In fact, our audience is very small. If you’re reading this, you’re not just of our audience but you’re our family. You want to create change. You want to be part of the solution. You’re our hero. Our clothing is for you, you wonderful person.

Our why is to create clothing that directly has a positive effect on society. Our why is to create clothing with a purpose. Our why is to dress the people who will be part of the change with us. Our why is to leave those excuses behind and get stuck in together.

If we have an impact on even one person. Then today has been a successful day for us.


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