What’s behind the ‘Style Dux’ name.

We sell clothing that creates change for people in our own backyard, people suffering through mental health issues. Imagine a scenario where someone close, opened up to you about a very personal issue right at the brink of contemplating suicide. It’s a scary thought, right?

New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, how we help, is by giving your wardrobe a purpose whilst at the same time creating conversations through events.

We take the profits from each sale and pass them on to the charities we work with, we also take a portion of the profits and host events where people going through tough times can come and create support networks which, if they feel like, can use later on.

This means that you can build a purposeful wardrobe whilst having a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

How did Style Dux come about? I personally grew up very distant from mental illness, in fact I grew up not knowing how badly it could affect someone. It wasn’t until the second year of my studies, I met my fiancé. Little did I know, she suffered from crippling depression and anxiety. It took her a lot of courage to open up to me about her problems but when she did, that burden was lifted off her shoulders. This is when I realised the importance of conversation for those suffering through mental health issues. This is what fundamentally planted the seed for Style Dux.

During this journey, the importance of conversations to those suffering through mental health issues became obvious. seeing the difference one conversation made to her life, I grew passionate about driving hard-to-have conversations.

This was the challenge, this is something I thought I could address. I talked to a few charities that work in the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention space and they said “look, it’s so difficult to reach out to young people, we’d love to, we offer this exact service, but people just don’t reach out. They don’t know if they should, they don’t know how, or they don’t feel like they can do it”

Looking further into this, an area we could help in was creating conversations and using our clothing to help charities fundraise. How we help charities is by designing clothing that embodies their mission, selling it and passing on the profits to them, whilst at the same time, hosting events that encourage conversations.

Our vision, is to see a world in which impact and conversation is driven by the clothes on our back and harder conversations start to become the norm as a result.

In summary, We use clothing to give people a voice, people suffering through mental health issue. We are dedicated to driving impact in our own backyard and we partner with charities that want to do the same. Our customers drive the change they want to see.

Let’s collaborate!

We love hearing from you! Got any other ideas? Feel free to share with us below, we’d love to know more.

About the author

Kaushik is the founder of Style Dux — a purpose driven clothing brand that is dedicated to normalisingmental illness and Elixir Creative — a content creation agency dedicated to telling your story. Kaushik has been in business for most of his career, so he knows a thing or two about mental health issues and stress when it comes to getting things done. He’s always keen to chat, so get in touch!

About Style Dux

We truly believe that conversations and clothing have the ability to create change in the lives of those suffering through mental health issues. Style Dux began out of personal experience, when someone very close suffered through crippling depression, to the point where suicide became almost inevitable.

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