We truly believe that conversations and clothing have the ability to create change in the lives of those suffering through mental health issues. Style Dux began out of personal experience, when someone very close suffered through crippling depression, to the point where suicide became almost inevitable.

The one thing that changed her life and wellbeing was having conversations, speaking about what she was going through and discussing what needs to happen was the key that ultimately led to their wellbeing. This is where our passion for conversation began.

This is what inspired Style Dux. Clothing that creates conversations and at the same time, raises fund for charities helping those suffering through mental health issues, battling suicide and living through poverty.

We partner with charities that do amazing work in the mental health, suicide prevention and child poverty sectors to design clothing that best represents their mission. We then sell the apparel under our brand and pass on unto 80% of the profits to them.

We retain 20% to fund our overheads but also to facilitate events where we can help create conversations for those in need of having them. The events are hosted by a panel of individuals that have experienced mental illnesses, they talk about life afterwards, what helped them overcome, what their motivations were etc.

We hope that this inspires others in the room battling through hard times to speak up and ask for help. We also encourage people to create support networks which they can take outside of our events and create a community to help everyone grow and normalise the mental health issues we have in our backyard.

Our vision is to see a world in which impact and conversation is driven by the clothes on our back and harder conversations start to become the norm as a result.We use apparel from factories that are socially responsible, that take care of their staff and where possible use organic cotton to manufacture their garments.

All our clothing is printed locally and made to order so it may take a few weeks to get to you ?

It’s people like you that create change for good, for those in need.

❤️ The team at Style Dux.