Our Vision

A world in which impact and conversation is driven by the clothes on our back and harder conversations start to become the norm as a result.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring out the change makers, the impact drivers and the people who aren’t satisfied with the issues we face. We create clothing, for people who want to drive the change. We’ve got your back.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to have the backs of those who feel helpless. We together, are on a mission to create a better world through clothing and conversations, starting with our own backyard.

Our why

We hope to create good quality, ethically sourced streetwear that goes towards driving change to the people in our own backyard. We want our customers are part of a change that could potentially save lives and feed kids.

Our story.

We truly believe that conversations and clothing have the ability to create change in the lives of those suffering through mental health issues. Style Dux began out of personal experience, when someone very close suffered through crippling depression, to the point where suicide became almost inevitable.

Let’s work together.

Style Dux would love to work with your non-profit organisation or charity.

How can we help? We design t-shirts and other accessories with unique images incorporating your brand and mission. The best part is there is no cost to your organisation.

Send us an email at hello@styledux.nz.

Our Apparel

All our apparel is provided by AS Colour and other suppliers as mentioned. AS Colour have a strict social responsibility when it comes to their manufacturing. Read more here. We try and use organic cotton options where available.

Our newest screen printer is Multicolour Screenprinters based in North Shore Auckland. Multicolour Screenprinters receives all our blank apparel and they screen print all of it, in house.


Our purpose is to drive change for people suffering through mental health, sucidal thoughts and poverty and because we’re fully dedicated to creating change in this field, we aren’t 100% focused on using clothing that is produced using organic cotton or is supplied by factories that give back. Yes, we absolutely believe that this is important and we’re always on the lookout to include more of this as long as its affordable to our customers.

The future?

Style Dux started in 2016 and we’ve always been passionate about braking the taboo around mental health. We will continue to do the same for years to come until this has become the norm.

So what happens when mental health conversations have become the norm? We do believe that there’s always value in connecting the community. We’ll continue doing our events and continue to sell our clothing but with a different focus.